Vitamin C mono Phosphate

Vitamin C mono Phosphate

Vitamin C mono phosphate consists of the active substance Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which is applied for in this dossier.
Vitamin C mono phosphate contains:
Calcium: 12.5 -13.5%, Sodium: 5.5- 7.5%, Phosphorous: 9.5 -10.5%,
Crystal water: up to 10.2% (in case of dihydrate form),
Vitamin C bound to phosphate: min.35%.
Molecular mass: 352 (dihydrate) / 334 (monohydrate) / 316 (anhydrous) g/mol
Molecular formula: C6H6O9P Ca Na·2H2O / C6H6O9P Ca Na·1H2O / C6H6O9P Ca Na·0H2O

Used for feed additives, it has a preventive effect of necrosis on fish. 


Analysis Contents  Specification  Analysis Results
Appearance  White to slightly yellow granule White to slightly yellow granule
Identification Positive  Positive
PH value  6.0 ~ 9.5  8.0
Loss on drying  ≤6.0%  1.00%
Heavy metal (as Pb)  ≤5ppM  <5ppM
Arsenic (as As)  ≤3ppM  <3ppM
Content (as Vc)  ≥36.0%  36.70%
Particle Size  Not less than 95% through 40 mesh  98%