Choline Chloride

Choline chloride 60% corn cob
Product name: Choline chloride 60% corncob
Chemical composition: Choline chloride
Form supplied: powder
Appearance: Yellowish-brown powder
Chemical family: Vitamine of the B complex
Molecular formula: C5H14NClO 
Relative Molecular mass: 139.63
Structural formula:
Content: 60%
Storage stability: 18 months
Melting Point (pure choline chloride): 244-247 ℃ (471-477 F)
Boiling point: At temperatures above 100 ℃ the water evaporates
and the salt crystallizes
Crystallization point: -18 ℃
Viscosity: 21 mPa. S (at 21 ℃ )
Electrical conductivity: 30,000 mS/cm (Ms= micro Siemens)
Safety data sheet: Information on handing and ecological and
toxicological behavior is contained in MSDS.
Product specification:
Item Standard
Content ≥60.0%
Choline content ≥52.1%
Trimethyiamine ≤300ppm
Heavy metal ≤0.002%
Loss on drying ≤4.0%
Thin ≥90%
Carrier: Corn Cob